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When I got better at teaching with active learning, we were seeing differences in exam scores, and failure rates between low-income and higher-income students, shrink. I’d read enough of the literature in higher education to know that people have been talking about this as a crisis for almost 100 years — that lower-income individuals in higher education had really just been struggling under traditional teaching. And I looked at the data in my own classroom and said, Oh my god, we could do something about this. Due to its exponential nature, even if you run the clock back an infinite amount of time, space will only approach infinitesimal sizes and infinite temperatures and densities; it will never reach it. This means, rather than inevitably leading to a singularity, inflation absolutely cannot get you to one by itself. The idea that “the universe began from a singularity, and that’s what the Big Bang was,” needed to be jettisoned the moment we recognized that an inflationary phase preceded the hot, dense, and matter-and-radiation-filled one we inhabit today.

What do you mean by not anymore?

not anymore (not comparable) Synonym of no longer. ‘I heard you were working at a bank.’ ‘I was, but not anymore.’

The fake is stamped with the manufacturer’s identifying code and is very convincing. Wolters Kluwer Health may email you for journal alerts and information, but is committed to maintaining your privacy and will not share your personal information without your express consent. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy. There was a really good analysis — a nationwide, mostly U.S.-based, but very large data set — that was done by a team led by Marilyne Stains that was published in Science a couple years ago. They attacked exactly that question and found that lecturing was still predominating. Note that in British English, “She doesn’t work any more” is perfectly acceptable.

Our description is based on interviews with comedians, snippets of which we include throughout the paper. The cause of this delayed toxicity is not known, but it may involve formation of active metabolites, decreased GI motility with prolonged absorption in massive overdose, or the presence of other undetected drugs. Severely ill opioid overdose patients also can present in clusters and require markedly increased doses of naloxone. It may be wise for hospitals to increase stocks of the antidote and develop plans for how to acquire additional supplies quickly if needed. A number of crucial clinical take-home lessons can be gleaned from this paper. We’re never really sure at presentation which drug or how much patients who present with apparent opioid overdose have taken.

I hope this answers your question, Yoo Yoo, so you will no longer have problems with these three expressions. This question has a negative, “not” and “anymore” is at the end. So, they may cause some misunderstandings among learners. Although the three expressions have the same meaning, you should be careful how you use them. They must be used in different kinds of statements or questions. There may also have been a discrepancy between your tone of voice and the way the English guy perceived your words, which he found funny.

It’s getting widely read and widely cited, but it hasn’t had the sort of phenomenal impact that the 2014 paper had. But I consider it far and away the most important work I’ve ever participated in. For many organizations, the decision to use a managed Kubernetes service boils down to trust, as the vendors acknowledge. For global travel technology company Amadeus, managed Kubernetes services fulfill their promise of simplified management. Amadeus has been steadily shifting towards Kubernetes as its underlying infrastructure since 2017.


Which, she said, makes her feel “pretty awesome.” “You earn flight time as you get out here,” she said. “Typically, you’d like to make pilot in command between 500 and 700 hours. In total, I have about 460 hours here and a majority of that is combat time because I came straight from flight school to Ft. Bragg and then deployed.” “Those who want to self-manage parts will be worried about the data plane; they need to customize or specialize in certain areas. They don’t mind a managed control plane,” Google’s Hightower said.

  • The earliest observable imprint, in fact, is the cosmic neutrino background, whose effects show up in both the cosmic microwave background (the Big Bang’s leftover radiation) and the universe’s large-scale structure.
  • With what we currently know, we are cautiously optimistic.
  • But even though menstruation is often messy, painful, and expensive, it’s a meaningful fixture of adulthood for some, and one that can be hard to let go of.
  • Inflation offers successful explanations for the puzzles that we simply have to say “initial conditions” for in the hot Big Bang.
  • One of the steps when you change to an active-learning classroom is you want students to do the basic information transfer — the easy stuff — before class.
  • Similarly, a universe that reached arbitrarily high temperatures would be expected to possess leftover high-energy relics, like magnetic monopoles, but we don’t observe any.

It also comes down to using the right tool for the specific job. Bloomberg still runs about 80% of its Kubernetes workloads on-premises, and it has invested heavily in developing the in-house skills to reliably manage that environment and an internal developer platform on top of it. For cloud appropriate workloads, however, “we are reliant on the managed eco sober house complaints Kubernetes offerings, because we can’t do a better job,” he said. The same Not Anymore link displays for both initial and refresher Title 9 courses. Select the Not Anymore link to access the initial training. All students who are required to take the training will have a “Title IX Not Anymore” registration hold that prevents enrollment in classes.

Translation of “уже нет” in English

Many contrarians dispute that cosmic inflation occurred. Inflation offers successful explanations for the puzzles that we simply have to say “initial conditions” for in the hot Big Bang. I was therefore dismayed to see that the criticism by Steinhardt, Ijas, and Loeb was dismissed so quickly by a community which has become too comfortable with itself.

no anymore

In 1917, Willem de Sitter found the solution for an empty universe with a cosmological constant, which describes an exponentially expanding universe. Instead, cosmic inflation preceded and set up the Big Bang, changing our cosmic origin story forever. Students are often confused bystillbecause it has two different uses.

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Presently, it is therefore utterly pointless to twiddle with the details of inflation because there are literally infinitely many models that one can think up, giving rise to infinitely many different “predictions.” The Steinhardtet al.article isn’t exactly a masterwork of science writing. It’s also unfortunate they’re using SciAm to promote some other theory of how the universe began rather than sticking to their criticism of inflation. The letter’s list of undersigned is an odd selection of researchers who themselves work on inflation and of physics luminaries who have little if anything to do with inflation. Interestingly, Slava Mukhanov – one of the first to derive predictions from inflation – did not sign.

Intellectual property law has never protected comedians effectively against theft. Initially, jokes were virtually in the public domain, and comedians invested little in creating new ones. In the last half century, however, comedians have developed a system of IP norms. It regulates issues such as authorship, ownership, transfer of rights, exceptions to informal ownership claims and the imposition of sanctions on norms violators. Under the norms system, the level of investment in original material has increased substantially. We detail these norms, which often diverge from copyright law’s defaults.

no anymore

Light will always continue to propagate through this expanding Universe, and we will continue to receive that light arbitrarily far into the future, but it will be limited in time as far as what reaches us. We still have unanswered questions about our cosmic origins, but the age of the Universe is known. The biggest project I worked on since that 2014 paper was extending that result, again inspired by something that happened in my own classroom.


Once the training is completed, the hold will be removed within 24 hours. The prize went to three researchers who revolutionized the social sciences by taking advantage of natural experiments. Inflation reproduces all of the successes of the hot Big Bang; there’s nothing that the hot Big Bang accounts for that inflation can’t also account for. That last one was very compelling for two reasons.

The maturation of these managed services has led many organizations to the realization that managing their own Kubernetes clusters is taxing and nondifferentiating work that is increasingly unnecessary. So why do students sometimes struggle with these adverbs? Listing the various positions for them often helps. There’s no warning sign you when you cross the border between science and blabla-land. But inflationary model building left behind reasonable scientific speculation long ago.

Can be uniquely derived, in both shape and magnitude, from the contents of the Universe and the initial conditions provided by the predictions of inflation. Note how just a small subset of viable inflationary models gives rise to a huge variety of possible predictions for these parameters. But a period-free future still remains a radical idea. “Menstruation can limit some eco sober house cost people, but I reject that’s true for everybody,” says Colleen Krajewski, a family-planning specialist for the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Contraception and Family Planning. Many people, for example, rely on periods to know they’re not pregnant. Those recovering from eating disorders might see them as a sign that they’ve begun recovering from malnourishment.

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So we’ve known for two generations that these are terrible data. Several universities around the country have recognized this and are working on new systems for evaluating the quality of teaching. We have new tools; they’re really strong, research-based — they’re called classroom-observation protocols — that are published and have good validity evidence. We now can evaluate teaching in an objective, reliable way and use it to make good decisions. Cloud vendors have strived to find the right balance between allowing customers to control and integrate the things they need and abstracting tricky autoscaling, upgrade, configuration, and cluster management tasks.

Who said the first curse word?

Roger F-word-bythenavele might have been hung by the neck. The year 1310 would be a couple of centuries before a monk reportedly scrawled the word on a manuscript by Cicero, which has commonly been considered the first appearance of the F-word in English writings.

In an energetic talk delivered at Stephen Hawking’s birthday conference two months ago, Mukhanov made it pretty clear that he thinks most of inflationary model-building is but a waste of time. Patients tend to have a lot of questions about what not menstruating means for their reproductive health, says Margaret Nachtigall, a reproductive endocrinologist at NYU’s Langone Health. Some people harbor the unsettling misconception that without a period, toxic blood will build up inside them, Chelsea Polis, of the Guttmacher Institute, has found in her research. “That’s very scary for someone to worry about that,” Polis told me. Other, much smaller studies have also documented the use of birth control to suppress periods.

And some just enjoy the feeling of being in touch with their monthly cycle. Few are as passionate as Yen about the possibility of a world with far less cyclical bleeding. “It’s my crusade,” said Yen, who also co-founded and runs Pandia Health, a birth-control-delivery company.

“Because it’s a giant ball of mechanical things that work together,” Archambault said. Archambault said she chose Fort Bragg, her home now, so she could go to a line unit and deploy to Afghanistan. So far, she’s been here for six months and has over 450 hours of flight time.

Is fart a curse word?

Vulgarity and offensiveness. In certain circles the word is considered merely a common profanity with an often humorous connotation. For example, a person may be referred to as a 'fart', or an 'old fart', not necessarily depending on the person's age.

In clinical trials, more than 40 percent of the Liletta IUD’s users no longer menstruated by the end of the product’s six-year life. More than half of people who get the Depo-Provera shot every three months will become amenorrhoeic within a year, and almost 70 percent in the second year. And anyone using the pill, patch, or ring can safely skip scheduled withdrawal bleeding. In this paper, we analyze how stand-up comedians protect their jokes using a system of social norms.

One is that it appeared to describe our universe on the largest scales, where things appear similar, on average, everywhere and in all directions. And two, if you solved the governing equations for this solution — the Friedmann equations — you’d find that the universe it describes cannot be static, but must either expand or contract. From 1916 to 1921, the Reissner-Nordström solution, found independently by four researchers, described the spacetime for a charged, spherically symmetric mass. But physically, when we looked closely enough, we found that the universe told a different story. Here’s how we know the Big Bang isn’t the beginning of the universe anymore. However, extrapolating all the way back to a singularity leads to predictions that disagree with what we observe.

I’d love to see this be turned into a 90-minute film, and, if Rog was given a budget and a crew to create it, I’d buy a ticket on the first day of its release. No Stars Anymore is a stylish Sci-fi short that looks great, has a killer score, and an excellent and gripping final ten minutes. NO STARS ANYMORE is a fully independent, zero budget science fiction movie from Poland, shot and made entirely by one person in the city of Rzeszow. Indeed, “no longer” goes before the verb when the verb is a simple verb and not “to be” .

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